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Some Different Types of Door Locks

There are multiple types of locks that are available in the market. You can choose the best type of lock for your house to make sure that your house is protected. The lock repairs expert advises people to learn about the types of locks present in market before installing the security locks in their house. Let us see some information regarding the door locking options you can consider for your precious items. 

Some Different Of Door Locks
Some Different Of Door Locks

What are Different locking options you can use?

Door Handle Locks

The door handle locks are known for providing the least amount of security than other locks. It is quite a simple lock, which has been located inside the handle of your door. Hence, for the better working of the lock, you should avoid the handle of door from being rotated. The locksmith who have expertise in making duplicate keys suggest these locks best for entryways within your house and bathrooms. This is because these locks are quite easy to break. 


The deadbolts locks can significantly contribute to increasing the security of your house because they usually utilise a solid metal cylinder, which protrudes the jamb of the door and inside the walls of your house. The deadbolt locks are usually installed for providing additional security to your house. These locks need a proper key for unlocking them from outside. The deadbolt locks are well-known for providing high-end security in the residential properties when they have been installed properly by lock repairs expert. 

Keyless locks

The name of this lock states that it does not need any kind of key for entering or unlocking. The door is usually unlocked as well as locked with the help of a code, which is entered in a keypad. This also helps in adding another level of security to your house and precious items. These keyless locks have been found most commonly in commercial properties and different organisations that need high-level security. 

Electric locks

The electric locks provided by lock repairs expert work like any other lock, but these locks cannot be applied manually. The mechanisms of electric locks are known for relying inside the electronics. These locks come with an option whether to be operated by entering through a code on a keypad or using a key. 

Combination locks

There has not been much difference inside the combination lock as well as keyless entry. Hence, the keypad of this lock is known to function through the help of push-button mechanism. The keypad that comes upon the combination lock does not rely upon the electronic or digital coding device, rather than it also triggers the movement of deadbolt locks. 

Avail Locksmiths in Adelaide beneficial lock services

There might be cases in which you might not be able to make sure that which type of lock would be beneficial for your doors. You can contact Locksmiths in Adelaide for suggestions and get the information about the best locks. The experts have been working well in making duplicate keys as well as enhancing the protection of your house.